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The Immigration and Ethnic History Newsletter is published twice yearly.  Items for the Summer issue should be emailed to the Editor by May 1.  Items for the Winter issue should be emailed by November 1.

The Newsletter contains articles of historiographical and pedagogical interest about the field of immigration and ethnic history.  It does not publish scholarly research articles.  It also contains news of forthcoming conferences and museum exhibitions, and news of libraries and research institutes in the field.  Recent publications in the field are also reported.  In addition, announcements of the IEHS and its committees and personal notes concerning members are also in the Newsletter.

News items, articles and announcements should be emailed to the Newsletter Editor at

Online-Only Subscriber Access to the Immigration and Ethnic History Newsletter
Online-only subscribers to the Journal of American Ethnic History can access and download the digital version of the Immigration and Ethnic History Newsletter using the following link:

Winter 2016-2017 (Vol. 48, No. 2) Note: The most recent issue is only accessible to current IEHS members. Please request access using the email address on file with the University of Illinois Press. Upon verification of membership, individuals will be able to immediately access and download the most recent issue.