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Introducing Common Threads: Immigrant Identity and the Politics of Citizenship

CommonThreads-JAEH_CVRThe Immigration and Ethnic History Society is delighted to announce the publication of the new e-book, Immigrant Identity and the Politics of Citizenship. Part of the Common Threads series, it is a joint effort with the Journal of American Ethnic History and the University of Illinois Press. Editor John Bukowczyk selected 14 articles that discuss the divisions and hierarchies immigrants coming to the United States confront and how these immigrants shape and are shaped by the social and cultural worlds they enter here. Drawing on scholarship about ethnic groups from around the globe, the chapters illuminate the often fraught journey many migrants undertake from mistrusted “Other” to sometimes-welcomed citizen. The book includes a substantial introduction from the editor that highlights themes that link each chapter.

Priced with students in mind, this series is ideal for course adoption.

From the introduction:

“The rich sampling of contents from the Journal of American Ethnic History (JAEH) should prompt lively discussion of contemporary issues involving immigrant and ethnic identity and the politics of the citizenship and the incorporation of the foreign-born into an ever changing American society. Ironically, although the immigration and ethnic history field and, with it, the JAEH, focus on cultural differences and the mixing and mingling of diverse peoples, the subtext throughout involves, so to speak, the other side of the coin. On the flip side of American coins reads the inscription, E Pluribus Unum—”From Many, One.” In our own times, as in the past, this motto raises questions that still beg for answers today. What is an America? What should it be?”

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