Apr 29, 2018

IEHS is pleased to announce this year’s award winners

Apr 29, 2018 | News

Theodore Saloutos Memorial Book Prize:
S. Deborah Kang, “The INS on the Line”
Julian Lim, “Porous Borders” (Honorable Mention)

IEHS First Book Award:
Hidetaka Hirota, “Expelling the Poor”
Rachel Kranson, “Ambivalent Embrace” (Honorable Mention)

IEHS Dissertation Award:
Bernadette J. Pérez, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, “Before the Sun Rises: Contesting Power and Cultivating Nations in the Colorado Beet Fields”

George E. Pozzetta Dissertation Research Awards:
Philip Erenrich, Syracuse University, “The Assumption of Identity: Exclusion and Deportation of ‘Gypsy’ immigrants from the US, 1891-1932”

Yukako Otori, Harvard University, “Disposable Subjects: Child migration,International Law, and US Immigration Policy, 1882-1929”



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