CFP: Inheritance and Innovation: An International Symposium on Migration, Ethnicity and the History of American Civilization

Aug 24, 2018

By Rolfmueller - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

The Institute of American Studies at Northeast Normal University cordially invites U.S. and other international scholars to attend “Inheritance and Innovation: An International Symposium on Migration, Ethnicity and the History of American Civilization,” to be held on July 2324, 2019, at Northeast Normal University, Changchun, China.

Established as a section of world history at the History Department of Northeast Normal University in 1979, the institute has been one of the two most prestigious institutions that have been training M.A. and Ph.D. students in China during the past thirty years. Currently nearly 40 percent of historians in the field of American History in China graduated from this institute. Now there are five faculty members in the institute, majoring in the areas of U.S. immigration policy, ethnic groups, labor training and employment, and women’s welfare programs. Currently, there are more than a dozen M.A students and nearly ten Ph. D. students in the program. Northeast Normal University is a good starting point to enter into a Chinese community of people studying American history and welcome American historians to the campus of Northeast Normal University.

Conference Theme

The year 2019 marks the fortieth anniversary for the founding of the American History Research Association of China (AHRAC). To make this special occasion, we would like to invite scholars from China, the U.S. and other countries to join us in panel discussions on “Migration, Ethnicity and the History of U.S. Civilization.” Migration includes immigration and migration within the U.S. as both have left their marks in American history on the processes of industrialization, urbanization, language, culture, religion, political system, and ultimately the evolution of American civilization. So, this symposium especially welcomes papers focusing on the following issues:

1)      Immigration and U.S. government policies

2)      Immigration and ethnic groups in the process of Americanization

3)      Migration, industrialization, and urban history

4)      Migration and regional development

5)      Ethnicity, race, and gender issues in multicultural America

6)      Chinese immigrants and their experiences in the United States

7)      Other issues in American history

For scholars who are interested in participating this event, submit a paper proposal by October 20, 2018. Please include personal contact information, paper title, keywords, and an abstract of 300-500 words. If your paper is accepted we will issue a formal letter of invitation for visa purposes. Some travel funding is available. For any further questions please contact us at the following addresses:; and


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