JAEH Archive / Vol. 37, No. 1, Fall 2017

Journal of American Ethnic History

Vol. 37, No. 1, Fall 2017

Table of Contents


Social Work and Substantive Justice: The International Institutes' Response to Discriminatory Immigration and Naturalization Laws, 1924–1945

By: Andrew Urban


The Voyage of the Slave Ship Hare: A Journey into Captivity from Sierra Leone to South Carolina by Sean M. Kelley

By: Sarah A. Batterson

Holocaust Survivors in Canada: Exclusion, Inclusion, Transformation, 1947–1955 by Adara Goldberg

By: Suzanne Sinke

Anthem: Social Movements and the Sound of Solidarity in the African Diaspora by Shana L. Redmond

By: Kathryn A. Ostrofsky

An American Genocide: The United States and the California Indian Catastrophe by Benjamin Madley

By: Akim Reinhardt

Japanese Prostitutes in the North American West, 1887–1920 by Kazuhiro Oharazeki

By: AnneMarie Kooistra

The Common Cause: Creating Race and Nation in the American Revolution by Robert G. Parkinson

By: Jeffrey J. Malanson

The Sovereign Colony: Olympic Sport, National Identity, and International Politics in Puerto Rico by Antonio Sotomayor

By: Chris Elzey

L.A. Rebellion: Creating a New Black Cinema by Allyson Nadia Field, Jan-Christopher Horak, and Jacqueline Najuma Stewart

By: Peter Catapano

The Effects of the September 11 Terrorist Attack on Pakistani-American Parental Involvement in U.S. Schools by Fawzia Reza

By: Rabea Qamar

At the Core and in the Margins: Incorporation of Mexican Immigrants in Two Rural Midwestern Communities by Julia Albarracín

By: Jamie Longazel

Driven by Fear: Epidemics and Isolation in San Francisco's House of Pestilence by Guenter B. Risse

By: Alan M. Kraut

Sport and the Shaping of Italian American Identity by Gerald R. Gems

By: Stephen A. Fielding

Graphic Borders: Latino Comic Books Past, Present, and Future by Frederick Luis Aldama and Christopher González

By: Nhora Lucía Serrano

American History Unbound: Asians and Pacific Islanders by Gary Y. Okihiro

By: Michael Jin

Unjust Deeds: The Restrictive Covenant Cases and the Making of the Civil Rights Movement by Jeffrey D. Gonda

By: Abigail Perkiss

The Reluctant Migrants: Migration from the Italian Veneto to Central Massachusetts by Teresa Fava Thomas

By: Marc Sanko

Captivity beyond Prisons: Criminalization Experiences of Latina (Im)migrants by Martha D. Escobar

By: Yael Schacher

Coming of Age in Chicago: The 1893 World's Fair and the Coalescence of American Anthropology by Curtis M. Hinsley and David R. Wilcox

By: William Green

Bone Rooms: From Scientific Racism to Human Prehistory in Museums by Samuel J. Redman

By: Melissa N. Stein

The Salome Ensemble: Rose Pastor Stokes, Anzia Yezierska, Sonya Levien, and Jetta Goudal by Alan Robert Ginsberg

By: Melissa R. Klapper

Sugar and Civilization: American Empire and the Cultural Politics of Sweetness by April Merleaux

By: Lawrence Kessler