JAEH Archive / Vol. 37, No. 3, Spring 2018

Journal of American Ethnic History

Vol. 37, No. 3, Spring 2018

Table of Contents


The Southwest's Uneven Welcome: Immigrant Inclusion and Exclusion in Arizona and New Mexico

By: Robin Dale Jacobson, Daniel Tichenor and T. Elizabeth Durden

Binaries, Marginalized Voices, and Borderlands in Recent Immigration History

By: Carlos Blanton

Race and Class in the Southwest Revisited

By: David G. Gutiérrez

New Paths in Immigration History

By: Linda Carol Noel

Inclusively Humane: The Promise of Local Immigration Histories of Inclusion and Exclusion

By: Ana Elizabeth Rosas


The Politics of Black Citizenship: Free African Americans in the Mid-Atlantic Borderland, 1817–1863 by Andrew K. Diemer

By: Bridget Ford

Measuring Manhood: Race and the Science of Masculinity, 1830–1934 by Melissa N. Stein

By: Jeannette Eileen Jones

Expelling the Poor: Atlantic Seaboard States and the Nineteenth-Century Origins of American Immigration Policy by Hidetaka Hirota

By: Luke Ritter

Chow Chop Suey: Food and the Chinese American Journey by Anne Mendelson

By: Alice McLean

Gendered Asylum: Race and Violence in U.S. Law and Politics by Sara L. McKinnon

By: Meghana Nayak

City of Gods: Religious Freedom, Immigration, and Pluralism in Flushing, Queens by R. Scott Hanson, Martin E. Marty

By: Timothy B. Neary

Irish Nationalists in America: The Politics of Exile, 1798–1998 by David Brundage

By: William Jenkins

Surrogate Suburbs: Black Upward Mobility and Neighborhood Change in Cleveland, 1900–1980 by Todd M. Michney

By: Tim Keogh

City of Inmates: Conquest, Rebellion, and the Rise of Human Caging in Los Angeles, 1771–1965 by Kelly Lytle Hernández

By: Melanie D. Newport

The Portland Black Panthers: Empowering Albina and Remaking a City by Lucas N.N. Burke and Judson L. Jeffries

By: Kiran Garcha

Picturing Class: Lewis W. Hine Photographs Child Labor in New England by Robert Macieski

By: Libby Bischof

Refuge in the Lord: Catholics, Presidents, and the Politics of Immigration, 1981–2013 by Lawrence J. McAndrews

By: Jeffrey Marlett

Crossing Parish Boundaries: Race, Sports, and Catholic Youth in Chicago, 1914–1954 by Timothy B. Neary

By: Paul Emory Putz

Monuments to Absence: Cherokee Removal and the Contest over Southern Memory by Andrew Denson

By: Gregory D. Smithers

From Deportation to Prison: The Politics of Immigration Enforcement in Post-Civil Rights America by Patrisia Macías-Rojas

By: Daniel E. Martínez