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Historical Societies

The American Historical Association

The largest professional organization of historians in all fields and professions in the United States. The AHA’s site features an array of teaching and professional resources.

American Jewish Historical Society

A society that aims to collect, preserve, catalog, exhibit, publish, and otherwise disseminate information relating to the American Jewish experience primarily through the society’s publications, research collections, conferences, and exhibits.

The Association for Asian American Studies

The primary research and teaching hub for Asian American Studies committed to sponsoring conferences, symposia, special projects, and events.

The Association for the Study of African American Life and History

Established in 1915, this association seeks to promote, research, preserve, interpret and disseminate information about Black life, history and culture to the global community. It holds regular conferences and publishes a journal , news, and podcasts.

The Caribbean Studies Association

An independent professional organization devoted to the promotion of Caribbean studies from a multidisciplinary, multicultural point of view including research on Caribbean migrations and diasporas.

The Center for Global Migration Studies

An interdisciplinary hub for the study of migration and immigration housed at the University of Maryland.

Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History

The leading nonprofit organization dedicated to K–12 history education while also serving the general public. Its mission is to promote the knowledge and understanding of American history through educational programs and resources.

Glucksman Ireland House

A center at NYU dedicated to the study of the Irish experience in America. The center makes available oral histories and other digital tools.

Immigration and Ethnic History Society

The leading association of historians engaged in the study of immigration and ethnicity. Its site publishes regular blogs giving historical context for current events.

Immigration History Research Center

The oldest and largest interdisciplinary research center and archives devoted to preserving and understanding immigrant and refugee life in North America. The Center hosts regular seminars and provides research grants and offers resources for educators of all levels.

The Institute for the Study of International Migration (ISIM)

A multidisciplinary center at Georgetown University that studies the social, economic, environmental, and political dimensions of international migration.

Italian American Studies Association

Promotes scholarship on immigration and collects and distributes information about the Italian experience in North America.

Labor and Working-Class History Association

An organization of scholars, teachers, students, labor educators, and activists who seek to promote public and scholarly awareness of labor and working-class history through research, writing, and organizing. The association features resources for teachers and hosts regular events and discussion, often on themes related to immigration history.

Latin American Studies Association

A professional organization for those engaged in the study of Latin America. The association hosts a section dedicated to the study of immigration from, to and within Latin America and the Caribbean among researchers, professors, students, and activists.

Migration Scholar Collaborative

Migration Scholar Collaborative (MiSC) is a hub for scholars in the humanities and humanistic social sciences to present their work to journalists, lawmakers and thought leaders. We strive to decriminalize migration and open wider pathways to legal immigration in the US.

The National Council for History Education

Provides professional and intellectual leadership and classroom tools to foster an engaged community committed to the teaching, learning, and appreciation of diverse histories.

National Council on Public History

Inspires public engagement with the past and serves the needs of practitioners in putting history to work in the world by building community among historians, expanding professional skills and tools, fostering critical reflection on historical practice, and publicly advocating for history and historians.

Oral History Association

The principal membership organization for people committed to the value of oral history. OHA engages with policy makers, educators, and others to help foster best practices and encourage support for oral history and oral historians. The association’s site contained an extensive list of local oral history resources.

Organization of American Historians

The leading association for those who study American history, including high school teachers, university faculty, and independent scholars. The OAH offers numerous teaching tools on its site as well as professional resources, blogs, and conference information.

The Pacific Regional Humanities Center

An initiative overseen by the UC Davis Humanities Institute and created to generate humanities research and public programs for the Pacific United States and Territories–California, Oregon, Washington, Alaska, Hawaii, Guam, American Samoa, and the Northern Marianas. The Center’s site contains oral histories and other resources for educators.

Society for German American Studies

A society formed to promote interest in the history, literature, and culture of the German element in America, and to further scholarly research and publication.