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99 Percent Invisible, Sanctuary (Part 1 and 2)

This two-part series looks at the idea of “sanctuary” and the movement among churches in the 1980s to protect refugees from El Salvador. The episodes explore the efforts of one church and its conflict with the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Sanctuary, Part 1

Sanctuary Part 2

American Social History Project Podcast

Features lectures, interviews, and conversations with renowned scholars. Several themes are strongly represented in the collection including the Visual Culture of the Civil War, U.S. Immigration history, and Latino/a history.


A podcast for the discussion of immigration law and policy. Each episode features 2-3 lawyers, academics, politicians, and stakeholders discussing current migration issues.

CSPAN Lectures in History

Recorded in-person lectures from University historians on a range of topics, including immigration history.

How To Be American

A podcast by the Tenement Museum in New York that explores the history of immigration and migration in America and why so many important events in our history have unfolded around issues of immigration and national identity.


The official podcast of Latino Studies at UT Austin

Radio Lab, Border Trilogy

This WYNC podcast special traces the history of the US Border Patrol and its “Prevention Through Deterrence” policy.

This American Life, Abdi and the Golden Ticket

Abdi is a Somali refugee living in Kenya and gets the luckiest break of his life: he wins a lottery that puts him on a short list for a U.S. visa. But before he can cash in his golden ticket, the police start raiding his neighborhood, targeting refugees.

The Wall

A USA Today and AZCentral.com podcast launched as part of a larger multimedia project on the U.S.-Mexico border. It explores the border and the people that live and work there within the context of contemporary immigration politics.