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Educational resources created by IEHS members

Explore resources available to support you in the classroom or in your own research.

Teach Immigration History

Lesson plans developed by award winning university faculty. Background to understand the scope of the subject before you dig into a lesson. Timeline to explore the documents in chronological order.


Essential topics, readings, and multimedia that provide historical context to current debates over immigration reform, integration, and citizenship

Created by immigration historians affiliated with the Immigration History Research Center at the University of Minnesota and the Immigration and Ethnic History Society

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Additional Resources

General Immigration Bibliography

Important works, which provide a general overview of U.S. immigration history.

Archival Databases and Other Historical Sources

A collection of digital primary sources and other resources curated by various institutions.

Non-Fiction: Memoirs, Biography, Reportage

Engaging works of non-fiction that center the experiences of immigrants.

Historical Societies

Connect with other immigration scholars and teachers.


Classic and modern literary works that deal with immigration and immigrant and diaspora communities.

Children’s Literature

Stories told from diverse perspectives appropriate for use in elementary and middle school classrooms.


An extensive list of fictional works of film that depict diverse immigrant experiences.


Powerful films that document immigration and immigrants’ lives.


Useful and informative podcasts to provide context for ongoing immigration debates and historical issues.